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XLVets Ireland are delighted to announce that our member, Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic who’s practices are based in Bandon, Kinsale and Dunmanway are the latest to have achieved an EcoMerit Certification in Ireland.  Glasslyn business principal Kevin O’ Sullivan, a key leader of our sustainability project, is also Chair of XLVets Ireland.  Following on from the XLVets Ireland and and XLVets Skillnet certification last year, Glasslyn joins us with other sites who will complete their certification journey in the coming weeks, with more to follow.

Bobby Lambert, Business Development Director EcoMerit, Geraldine Collins, vet at Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic, Mike Curran, Chief Executive XLVets Ireland, Kevin O’ Sullivan, Managing Director of Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic & Chair of XLVets Ireland, Caitriona O’Mahony, head groomer at Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic

On receiving the EcoMerit Certification, Kevin O’ Sullivan, Managing Director, Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic, Chair of XLVets Ireland said:

“I believe this accreditation is a positive start to Glasslyn Vets’ sustainable journey and
we are keen to play our part. We want our business to perform in a sustainable way and
show others that it is possible to make changes for the better, which will have a positive
impact on the environment. We believe vets play an important role in promoting more
sustainable farm practices and Glasslyn Vets will continue to implement changes that
demonstrates our commitment to environmental improvement”.

The pace of climate change has picked up significantly in recent years and is threatening the welfare of our natural and agricultural environment, and by extension our lives, businesses, and futures. As a community, Irish veterinary practices are steeped in rural life through agriculture, and have a finger on the pulse of everyday life in towns and cities too. This unique position enables vets to recognise the role sustainable thinking and action can play in their businesses in the face of this major challenge.

 Commenting on Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic’s accreditation Phil Walker, Managing Director, EcoMerit stated:

“EcoMerit are delighted that Glasslyn Vets has achieved EcoMerit Certification.  In so doing it demonstrates its commitment to sustainable practice and in particular to effective environmental improvement, with external support and verification, combined with measurement and monitoring.  With this certification, Glasslyn has now become part of the EcoMerit Sustainable Energy Community, whose members have delivered average emissions reductions of over 60% in a 10-year period.  We particularly welcome this as part of the XLVets broader commitment to its sustainability journey and look forward to developing our partnership in this regard. “

An EcoMerit Certification recognises that a company has successfully put in place a programme of energy, waste, and water efficiencies to reduce their environmental footprint. This commits a company to an annual independent audit every year for five years in order to ensure sustainability targets are met in-house.