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Conor Geraghty, FarmGate Veterinary Group, and Ger Cusack, Comeragh Veterinary and XLVet members since its inception discuss the benefits of being part of XLVets.

"We have expanded and we have improved. I feel my practice has improved, I feel I have improved and the service that I can provide to my clients. And for that reason I am very happy with my XLVets membership."

Kieran O Mahony,
Glen Veterinary

Membership that delivers many benefits

XLVets is based on a strong cooperative ethos and the independence of members is at the core of our network. Our mission is to work together to deliver the highest standards of veterinary care and provide our members with superior supports and services to help them continuously improve their services and optimise the potential and performance of their practices. We do this through a range of projects, services and initiatives aimed at delivering a number of key benefits to our members, which is why XLVets member practices are growing twice as fast as the sectoral average and members report up to 40% growth in turnover within 2 years of joining.


Our size, experience, knowledge and supplier relationships allow us to negotiate the best commercial rates for our members with XLVets members receiving the full benefit, seeing an average increase of 5% in gross margin on products.  XLVets also focuses on the common costs in independent practices, selecting service providers of quality, lowering costs, improving performance.


Through our training, intelligence, peer network and supplier relationships we provide members with new commercial and income opportunities. New opportunities range from pilot programs, proof of concept new technologies and business models for preventative animal care.


We continuously keep our members at the cutting edge of industry trends, innovations and provide members with important business intelligence to allow them to capitalise on the best commercial opportunities.  With a private intranet, members and their staff have access to the latest news in one place, a repository of on-demand videos, webinars and training materials.


Positioning our members to succeed and compete in an increasingly competitive market is at the core of our strategy and the services we deliver to members, with a primary focus of moving veterinary from reactive to preventative animal care.


Through membership, XLVets members gain access to a range of recognised training programmes and professional development opportunities. Members are offered, or can request, a wide range of courses, from postgraduate and leadership programmes as well as topics such as personal growth, sustainability, future needs and more. A key element of this is XLVets Skillnet, a subsidiary of XLVets, delivering programs subsidised between 25% – 100% of cost.


Our members frequently cite “peer support”, networking and socialising with peers as a key positive feature of life in XLVets, all hosted online, external venues, in practices or on farm.  We encourage involvement through our on-demand communication groups where vets can share specific cases to seek instant advice from others, present novel cases and share ideas.  XLVets has five non-board committees where members volunteer to provide insight and direction, driving projects of value for all members.


XLVets supports members by continuing to enhance investment in high-quality local and national marketing campaigns, information materials, marketing services and outreach initiatives.  All materials are accessible for members to use in their own marketing campaigns.


XLVets supports members by presenting the latest in employment law, courses and webinars of value, contract & agreement templates, employee handbooks and more.  In addition members have access to an external HR consultant to act as a sounding board to discuss plans, issues, or projects that a practice might want to explore.

Our Mission

XLVets enables member practices to deliver the highest standards of compassionate and quality veterinary care through Excellence in Practice.  Our vision is that we help realise the clinical, economic, cultural and social potential of our members and their surrounding community.

High Performance

We do this through a range of programmes, services and initiatives aimed at delivering a number of key benefits to our members, which is why XLVet member practices are growing twice as fast as the sectoral average and members report up to 40% growth in turnover within 2 years of joining.

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