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XLVets Ireland are delighted to announce Summerhill Veterinary Clinic as the latest addition to our network of independently owned veterinary practices.

Summerhill Veterinary Clinic is a long-standing mixed veterinary practice in North Tipperary, first established by Jack Powell in 1947 and now led by practice principles Aidan Doyle and Eamon O’Connell since 2016.

Under the guidance of Aidan and Eamon, what started as a practice with 5 vets and 2 admin staff has evolved into a busy team of 9 vets, 2 RVNs, and 4 admin staff. From the outset, they committed themselves to always striving to provide the best standard of service, advice and care to their clients and animals.

Summerhill Veterinary Clinic, 26 Summerhill, Nenagh, Tipperary

“Continuous professional development (CPD) is at the core of our ethos at Summerhill vets, both of us have completed the Grad Cert in Dairy Herd Health along with 3 of our vets, which reflects our commitment and willingness to stay at the forefront of veterinary. We are passionate about embracing a proactive approach to veterinary, moving from the historical reactive “fire-brigade” service to a preventative, advisory role, that will not only foster stronger relationships with our clients, but also promote a healthier work life balance for our employees, and for us too.

We see XLVets as a bastion of modern, progressive veterinary practice. The network offers access to some of the most progressive vets in the country providing opportunities for collaboration, learning and growth, which will be a huge benefit to all the vets in our practice.

We look forward to being involved with a group of likeminded veterinary practices who are trying to change the industry for the better. We feel that we have a lot to learn from a group like XLVets and we are confident too, that we can bring some fresh ideas and opinions to the table.”
– Aidan Doyle MVB Cert DHH and Eamon O Connell MVB Cert DHH, Practice Principles, Summerhill Veterinary Clinic

XLVets Ireland extends a warm welcome to the entire team at Summerhill Veterinary Clinic into our network of independently owned veterinary practices. The addition of Aidan, Eamon, and their team will bring a wealth of knowledge and innovative approaches to our network. We look forward to supporting our new member and help them to progress with their vision of proactive veterinary care and we believe that their expertise and fresh perspectives will be a valuable addition to the XLVets Ireland network.

XLVets Ireland is a collaborative network of 30 independent veterinary practices, 49 clinics, dedicated to advancing animal health across Ireland.  Committed to excellence, XLVets member clinics share knowledge, resources, and best practices.  Through this cooperative approach, XLVets enhances veterinary care, promotes innovation, and ensures the well-being of animals, fostering a healthier and thriving community.